it is a diary about unemployment, eggs, deerbabe & donald

 today, it is a diary by number.

1) unemployment log = great idea.  i think i will use my boyfriend as a subject unless i decide to recruit others.  i want to document a period of unemployment, especially of someone highly qualified.  i can create an absurdist documentary without tinkering with my environment in the slightest.  how dope is that.  i interviewed for 2 jobs today, one of which is being paid to locate jobs for other people.  that's absurd too, because if i don't get the position, i'll probably be a client of theirs.  i quit the cafe, thank christ, and my internship ends after this week, so then i'll have all time and no money (ideal circumstances for producing low-end documentaries).

2) my eggs were rejected, so i don't see how i can possibly get a real job.  donating my eggs was my Z Plan.  what's wrong with my eggs?  anyway, i'd rather not even think about my eggs so i guess it's good that there is already a proper abundance of superior eggs in the bank for wombs in need.  i can go back to pretending that mine don't exist.

3) baby deer = i found it on the side of the road and i brought it to the thicket and went home to make it a snack.  i wasted all kinds of time figuring out what number to call to report its coordinates and by the time i came back with a dish full of golden raisins and sunflower nuts, it was gone.  so i ate the deersnack on the drive home and thought about what could have been.  i guess it's illegal to keep babydeer as pets, even though i think they'd like living with me.  i like the way their bodies fold like lawn chairs when they need to have a seat.  and guess what?  fur so soft.

4) gambino = still no word from The Child in regards to operation autograph swap.  still real bummed that i can't go.  i'm planning to prepare my autograph anyway in hopes that my babysister can wiggle her way to the stage and take care of that whole business.


5) tomorrow = i turn 24 years old.  not much else changes.  i will continue to live with my parents, i will continue to apply for work, and i will continue to wonder what i'm doing.  i need to work on not laughing as a response to the inevitable interview question of, "Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now?"  i did that twice today.

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