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the jobbie interview went so nice.  i wore my monroe and i told them that i sew dresses out of cigarette boxes in my spare time and i told them that i am a professional trampolinist NOT and that i prefer malbecs to pinots.  we talked about figs and new zealand and management strategies, and the only lie that i told them was when they asked about my tattoo and i said it symbolized my boyfriend (rather than saying ex-boyfriend) to avoid sympathy-hire.  and now i have been scheduled for a final interview with the founder of the company and then i'm in business. 

also, kitten did an apology about 6 hours after my interview and we had a fix-it and now we are having phase 2 of our relationship, so my lie became a truth; therefore, i still cannot tell a lie.  and here is another thing: phase 1 ended in me cryingcryingcrying and then realizing that i have the best family and friends and professors and puppies in the world.  everyone who supported me gets 100 roses just as soon as i win the raffle - which, obviously, i did not win, though i did win a bouquet of sympathy daisies, candied nuts (unfortunately i had zero appetite), and a card signed by the intern staff at 101.3 KDWB.  i even received support from some very nice completestrangers one day while walking around st. paul on selby, giving high-5s to everyone i saw.  one completestranger held my hand when i 5'd him and asked me my name and how i was doing.  i said i was rachel and sad and that i was on my way to eat some pizza.   so i love everybody.  i even love the jehovah's witnesses who came to my door the other day, dustin-john-and-remy, for telling me that the world is beautiful and that beauty is not an accident.  thanks for the reading material, guys. 

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