truth: it's just going good.

update to anyone curious about my new job, here is what i am learning:
having a great time.  also, having my new boss speak to the trials of women (particularly young ones) in the industry on my first day of employment and assuring me that our office is one where i need not be concerned about harassment was a welcome change to some past experiences i've had where, for example, my boss pulls me aside and asks me if i'm a virgin.  also on day 1: i was greeted by a massive My Little Pony wallpapered 2-screen desktop and awarded a grow-your-own-dinosaur.  as stated, it's just going good.  granted, i've only worked 2 days and i'm still in training, but i have a rare case of the optimisms. 

other hot news: celebrating 365 days of romance and turbulence with ryankitten this weekend, northern minnesota cabin-style.  i am pumped.  i had wanted to order and sell shirts reading RYAN + RACHEL = ONE YEAR or R&R:1YR  or simply mewmew: 365 & Counting, but kitten thought that it was a bad idea because it's just too public.  i can respect that, however, i think that 1 year is a cause worthy of support (and funding, if anyone is interested, i take cash or check or drinks).  again, it's just going good.

last hot news: moving to st. paul within the next 2 weeks.  loading up on kitchenware, used furniture, weird shit, and big ideas for DIY home decorating.  ready for a new neighborhood, specifically one that includes some of my favorite bars and people.  people and bars.  extremely terrified about no longer sleeping with silverback everynight.  i love the way she snores, wakes me at 2 AM to go outside and look for toads, and occupies 3/4 of the full size bed.  no pets allowed in the new apartment, which is why i'm working on this little number:

silverback.  to be framed above my bed.

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  1. Sounds like a great environment at work. Hope it just gets better.

    365 days of romance and turbulence! Funny. Enjoy your weekend.

    Poor Silverback. He is really going to miss you.