why not: dj Ruth Flowers

 dj ruth flowers is a sixty-nine year old dj.  i'm really excited about this.  it reminds me of how excited i am about becoming an old lady, and about my option to become an old dj or an old badass if i don't much feel like being a lady when i'm older.  i can be an old anything-i-want.  because while i'm darn good at baking sweetbreads, i don't know how to knit and i don't like knickknacks and cats bother me 80% of the time and i'm terrible at remembering birthdays.  the good news is that she's not just old, she's also pretty good at what she does.  listen to dj ruth flowers aka "mamy rock."  i'm going to make dj ruth flowers my soundtrack for online job-searching (which i do a lot of) to remind myself not to be discouraged if i haven't made a name for myself by age sixty-eight because i can still don a pair of rhinestone-covered headphones and blow up at sixty-nine.

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